New Doors


Security, in our opinion, is likely to be the key driver when considering the glass for all external doors.

Front Doors

Energy efficient glass to ensure you don’t let heat escape during the colder months. Add our laminated security glass to keep any unwanted visitors out! Our recommended product combination would be:

High_security Energy_retention Toughened_safety_glass

French Doors

Safety, security and the cleaning of large areas of glass would be the determining factors when selecting the best glass. Begin with our energy efficient glazing system. Add the self-cleaning option to minimise the time spent cleaning large areas of external glass. Finally, we would recommend our laminated security glass, manufactured to the most appropriate thickness for your size and scale of your French doors.

High_security Energy_retention Toughened_safety_glass Self_cleaning

Internal Doors

Saveheat’s fire safety glass would be a good starting point when considering internal doors. Dependent upon the location within your home, you may choose to enhance the glass with a photochromatic laminate (which turns opaque when, for example, a light is switched on in the room).

Energy_retention Ar Solar_control


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View our suggested product combinations on our applications page. If you are still unsure of the best system for your project, call us on 0141 810 5010 or contact us and we’ll do our best to help.

 Saveheat Range

Visit our properties page for more information on the wide range of product features available.

Energy_retention Energy Retention Enhanced_privacy Enhanced Privacy (Photochromatic)
Self_cleaning Self Cleaning Toughened_safety_glass Toughened Safety Glass
Solar_control Solar Control High_security High Security
Noise_reduction Noise Reduction Anti-bacterial Anti-Bacterial
Fire_resisting Fire Resisting integral_cavity_blinds Integral Cavity Blinds

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