Saveheat systems are available to satisfy the most demanding of client requirements.

Each and every unit is manufactured to your exact specifications and can incorporate the most suitable product features for your home improvement project.

Whatever your priorities – energy retention, self cleaning glass, solar control, noise reduction, fire safety, enhanced privacy or security. – Saveheat allows you to create your own bespoke unit. Combine those product features that give you the best performing window for your home improvement project.

Unsure of what combination would suit your conservatory, French doors or internal glazing? See our applications page for suggested combinations for a variety of rooms in your home.

Energy_retention Energy Retention Enhanced_privacy Enhanced Privacy (Photochromatic)
Self_cleaning Self Cleaning Toughened_safety_glass Toughened Safety Glass
Solar_control Solar Control High_security High Security
Noise_reduction Noise Reduction Anti-bacterial Anti-Bacterial
Fire_resisting Fire Resisting integral_cavity_blinds Integral Cavity Blinds

Energy Retention

Energy_retentionThe type of glass you choose when installing new windows or upgrading your existing glazing will have a direct impact upon how well the heat is retained in your home. None of us wants to pay the higher prices for heating our homes, to simply let it go out the windows! Choosing a Saveheat system helps prevent heat loss, and can save you money too! (You’ll also be doing your bit for reducing climate change as you make your home more energy-efficient!)

How it works.

The perfect combination of features would include self-cleaning glass on the outside face of the unit (1). The inner surface of the outside pane (2) would be solar control glass. This would ensure that the room does not become too hot in the warmer months. Between the double glazing, an inert gas called argon is used to act as a further barrier to prevent heat loss in the colder months. (Within the cavity you will also find your Saveheat stamped spacer bar – your guarantee of a premium glazing product). The argon gas works in conjunction with the other inside pane of the glass unit (3) – glass with low – emissivity to improve the thermal performance of the unit when the weather is colder. The internal face (4) of the glass would be untreated glass.

Self Cleaning Glass

Self_cleaningLeave the cleaning of your windows to the rain – well the outside of them anyway! The external glass of all Saveheat unit’s can have a special coating applied which means you don’t need to concern yourself with regular window cleaning. This is a particularly useful product in rooms with a lot of glass such as a conservatory.

How it works. The coating applied to the glass is activated by UV light (don’t worry, it doesn’t need much to activate it!) Dirt on the glass is then broken down by the coating, making organic and inorganic dirt unable to ‘stick’ to the windows. When it rains, the rain drops pick up the dirt and wash it off. Genius! As with all of our glazing systems, you can choose to add the self-cleaning option to your specification, combining energy – efficiency with hassle-free clean windows.

Solar Control

Solar_controlConservatories, sun rooms and other areas of your home which incorporate large areas of glass can benefit from the use of solar control glass. As it suggests, solar control glass acts to keep the room at a comfortable temperature in the warmer months.

A recommended product combination, particularly for conservatories, is to use solar control glass with energy retention glass. This in effect gives you the best of both worlds all year round: the solar control glass keeps the area temperate in summer, with the energy – efficient glass ensuring that you don’t lose heat through the windows in the cooler months. Your conservatory then becomes a room that you can enjoy throughout the year, not just in the warmer months.

Noise Reduction

Noise_reductionDo you live near a noisy road, on an airport flight path, or maybe near a train line? Saveheat can customise a unit to reduce the impact of these external noises to suit the exact application. Glass to keep the noise out can be combined with other Saveheat product features such as solar control or self cleaning.

Enhance Privacy

Enhanced_privacyAll Saveheat products can be sandblasted, shaped, painted, profiled, notched, drilled, leaded, filmed or can have integral cavity blinds fitted within units. This gives you a wide range of options, dependent upon the level of privacy and area of usage. Units for bathrooms, for example, can have a decorative outer pane of glass incorporated within your energy – efficient unit. Homeowners can choose from a wide range of designs from our portfolio. We would also be happy to discuss your own design for your bespoke unit.

Photochromatic laminates are becoming a popular choice for homeowners too. It provides privacy only when required, changing from clear to opaque or coloured when, for instance, the power is switched on in a room or area of your home. This type of glazing allows homeowners enhanced privacy and allows them the opportunity to inject some designer touches to their home.

Integral blinds are another option for enhancing the privacy option of your glazing. Blinds can be fitted within the cavity of your unit, and as you would expect, can be combined with the energy-efficiency option of the Saveheat range.

Improved Security

High_securityFor homeowners seeking additional peace of mind when considering the security of their home can opt to include laminated security glass. This might be suited to particular areas of glazing in your home, for example, a back door, or large set of French doors. The laminate can be manufactured to a variety of thicknesses; able to withstand varying levels of impact.

Fire Safety

Fire_resistingIntegrity and insulation are the key words when considering fire safety glass. Integrity refers to how long glass can hold back gases and fumes in the event of a fire. Insulation refers to how long the glass can hold back the heat during a fire. Anyone considering installing fire safety glass (perhaps as a requirement to satisfy building warrant requirements, or because of the nature of your business) can buy our fire safety range with confidence. Saveheat’s fire safety glass is certified to B.S. or E.N standard. In addition all our fire glass range complies with BS EN 12600.


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