What is Saveheat?


Saveheat is one of the UK’s leading ranges of energy-efficient glazing systems – brought to you by Supaseal Glass. It is stocked by the most reputable window companies throughout Scotland and north-east England.

Making the right choices about the type of glass you choose for your home when replacing or upgrading windows, will not only enhance the appearance of your property, but will ensure comfort and offer greater energy-efficiency too.

The glass – the functioning part of a window – is too often overlooked by the homeowner when replacing or upgrading existing windows and doors. (Similarly, glaziers do not always have the knowledge, expertise or time to promote the wide range of options that are available to their customers).

This site is designed to help you make an informed choice about the glass that is available to you as you embark upon upgrading existing windows or doors, or adding new areas to your home, such as a conservatory.

Saveheat – what’s on offer?

We have glass that offers the following benefits:

Energy_retention Energy Retention Enhanced_privacy Enhanced Privacy (Photochromatic)
Self_cleaning Self Cleaning Toughened_safety_glass Toughened Safety Glass
Solar_control Solar Control High_security High Security
Noise_reduction Noise Reduction Anti-bacterial Anti-Bacterial
Fire_resisting Fire Resisting integral_cavity_blinds Integral Cavity Blinds

Make it a Saveheat home!

Where you intend to use the glass in your home will of course determine the combination of product features that you choose. To help you consider your options, we have put together some suggested glass combinations for different areas of your home.



Choosing your Saveheat system – you call it!

Every single Saveheat unit is manufactured to the exact specification of the individual client. We can combine any of the features listed above to create your own bespoke unit.

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Saveheat is the trade mark of Supaseal Glass’s range of energy-efficient glazing systems.

Supaseal Glass is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of insulating glass units. From state-of-the-art production facilities, the company supplies a wide range of glass products to the commercial and trade sectors of the construction industry throughout the UK.

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